Mission Statement

Tillman Music Mission Statement.

Tillman Music is more than a business. It's a family owned business. The people that work inside these walls know that in order to keep this business successful the customer needs to be successful. Successful in buying and using the equipment we offer. We take that charge very seriously. Hanging on the wall just behind the counter for everyone to see in the store is a picture frame with our mission statement. It has been hanging in the store since the beginning. It simply states.


To achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction through complete customer service not only at the time of purchase but also throughout the ownership of the product.

To educate Ourselves about the products and services in the music industry enabling our customers to have the utmost confidence in our sales and service staff.

To Provide our customers with the highest quality products at the best prices while offering ongoing knowledge about the new and ever changing products in the music industry.

Service Quality Commitment